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(Inspired by Steve Mcvey)  



God has a lot of children  

And He loves them all, that’s true. 

But there’s not a single one of them  

That He loves more than you! 


God’s looking down from Heaven 

With a smile upon His face, 

Admiring you, His Masterpiece, 

A product of His Grace. 


He’s calling all His angels 

And the faithful Saints of old, 

“Come here and stand beside Me – 

And My lovely child behold.” 


They would have never known you 

If they’d seen you just before 

You heard His gentle whisper 

And His knock upon your door. 


With child like faith you opened up 

And bid Him enter  in. 

He gave to you HIS righteousness 

And took away YOUR sin. 


With quiet desperation 

And a coldness in your soul 

You brought a wounded, broken heart 

And let Him make it whole. 


You were looking for forgiveness 

And a way through Heaven’s door, 

That you found, through faith in Him, 

But He gave you so much more. 


Child, Now it’s time to understand 

All the blessings you’ve been given. 

His life in you, His goodness, too, 

And His power for your living. 




This poem was inspired by Steve McVey’s message “You Are God’s Favorite Child.”